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Inlet Valves offer maximum sealing, and ensure of lesser friction, lower torque, lesser wear, longer life.

Inlet Valves

Inlet Valves
Inlet Valves
"100% Sealing, Lesser friction, Lower torque, lesser wear, longer life."
Our butterfly valves operated with actuator come with an inflatable sealing technology and are a dramatic breakthrough over conventional butterfly valves for any dry solid processing.

The sealing design is the secret to longer life in two critical ways. It comes in casual contact only with the disc of the valve during opening and closing. It automatically compensates or wears when it inflates against the disc. Both features substantially prolong.

The unique design also provides a superior seal. By utilizing air pressure to expand the seal against the disc, it provides maximum sealing area and an even pressure distribution against the disc- every time. For fail-safe monitoring, a pressure switch is utilized to verify a positive seal. In actual comparison tests, our butterfly valves outperformed all other valves tested in India.


Closed, Unsealed:
As the valve rotates into the closed position, the disc makes only casual contact with the seal, reducing friction, wear and torque requirements.

Closed, Sealed:
After the valve is closed, the seal inflates against the disc providing 100% sealing surface and an even pressure distribution against the disc.

Open, Unsealed:
Before the valve opens, the seal is first deflated. The disc is then free to rotate to the open position.