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Plug Decelerator is especially designed to manage efficiently the movement of materials through conveying systems.

Plug Decelerator

Plug Decelerator
Plug Decelerator
"The plug decelerator fitting arrangement provides a precise, gentle push exactly where it is needed"
Our systems do not add all the air at the pressure vessel. Instead we add only the volume required to more the material into the line at maximum density. After material begins to convey down the line, we add only the necessary air to overcome conveying line friction, as it occurs and not before.

Friction can increase in a system for various reasons, such as a bend in the conveying line or a change in material characteristics. Plug decelerator fittings allow us to maintain your material at maximum density and minimum conveying velocity, overcoming friction as it occurs.

The Plug decelerator fittings is so reliable that most materials can be stopped or re- started anywhere along the conveying line regardless of length!

Because we add air all along the line, we improve the material to air ratio throughout the system without causing plugging problems. Thus, we can convey large batches of materials, providing the highest obtainable efficiencies with the added plus of the highest degree of reliability.
Plug Decelerator

Our systems are designed to conserve valuable compressed air. Since your material is maintained at the lowest possible velocity throughout the entire systems there is less abrasion. The Conveying line life is extended and degradation of fragile materials more effectively minimized than with any other system that adds all the energy (almost always too much energy) only at the blow tank.

Because of its unique check valve action the Plug decelerator fittings is highly responsive to 1 back feeding of the conveyed material, and it can be throttled to obtain optimum efficiency at virtually any point in the conveying line. Furthermore, our Plug decelerator fittings make our systems highly flexible - we can handle many materials by adding new Plug decelerator fittings, our systems can even be easily expanded, modified or upgraded for most processes, materials or design changes.