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H.V. Equipments Pvt. Ltd. H.V. Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

H.V. Equipments Private Limited, having comprehensive engineering, manufacturing and testing unit with all leading-edge facilities, endeavours to carve a niche for itself in the world of Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems, while serving the budding market.

Salient Features

Systems Design & Engineering
A flexible approach, commercially as well as technically, to Systems Engineering is the major feature of H.V. Equipments Private Limited. The company has a full fledged design and engineering division complete with computer aided design software facilities for carrying out detailed engineering works pertaining to various projects handled and also to render project engineering services to others.

Manufacturing & Testing
("Little is left in doubt.")
H.V. Equipments Private Limited has complete engineering, manufacturing and testing facility with all state of the art facilities to cater the potential market and approach a new horizon of Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems at factory J-14A, Sector 63, Noida - 201301 (U.P.), India. With years passing, the company's engineering and manufacturing capacities has enhanced leaps and bounds, and a full-fledged facility of the company has emerged with a well equipped pilot test lab for testing various materials handled through Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems, catering to all engineering and production requirement for our customers. In our testing lab, we determine conveying ability, material - to - air ratios, material velocities, hygroscopic effects, buildup tendencies, dust collector requirements, degradation, segregation, filling time, conveying time, optimum conveying pressures, air volumes, aerated bulk densities, and any other test data that might be required.

Our systems are recognized as second to none for their reliability and performance. And they go beyond pneumatic conveying to include a full range of components for a complete material handling systems: air slides, scrapper chain conveyor, belt conveyors, diverter valves, vent filters, rotary feeders, dust conditioners, silo fluidizing pads, air cannons and much more, any of which can be designed into a HVEPL Systems.

It will not be out of place to mention that H.V. Equipments Private Limited have been catering to the requirement of various utility industries and captive power plants in the country for handling ash, coal mill rejects, sand, pellets, charcoal and many more materials for customers like NTPC for Korba & Singrauli, Century Pulp & Paper, Durgapur Steel Plant, Bokaro Steel Plant, Century Cement, Maihar Cement, Vasavadatta Cement, Kesoram Cement, Diamond Cement, ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards Ltd. and many more where our supplied plants are commissioned satisfactorily and are in operation to the entire satisfaction of our customers.

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System- introduction of material handling technology in India - handles dry fly ash with positive pressure at minimum operational and maintenance cost. Our system is environment friendly, thus avoids water and atmospheric pollution. The most common system known so far among dense phase pneumatic conveyors is nothing more than a blow tank and a pipeline. In these systems, all what required is the air, to convey the material out of the pressure vessel and to overcome friction and prevent plugging in the conveying line, is added at the blow tank. But, the development of dense phase pneumatic conveyors with parallel plug decelerator fitting arrangement has been our efficient outcome in bulk material handling systems

Each HVE system is custom – designed.
("Cater Customer Requirement")
Our systems utilize the latest technology available to control conveying characteristics for reaching the highest obtainable efficiency.

Our systems provide the ultimate in reliability with capacities exceeding 400 tons per hour and distances exceeding 1500 Meters.

We are offering a Unique System- Full Line Concept ("Each concept is particularly suited to certain applications and materials; each has different capabilities, efficiencies, economic advantages and limitations.")
The most advanced concept offered by HVEPL is the Full Line Concept. It is generally suitable for very fine granular, abrasive non- abrasive, fragile and difficult to handle materials such as fly Ash, carbon black, silicon carbide, plastic pellets or silica sand for longer conveying line distances. This is either a batch type or continuous system and consists of single or multiple pressure vessels, and a conveying line with plug decelerator fittings.

From an operating viewpoint, the one big difference between the Full Line Concept and other concepts is that it never allows the conveying line to become empty. The conveying line always remains full at the start and end of a conveying cycle.

The batch type system cycle begins with materials feeding into the pressure vessels through material cut - off valve placed above the inflatable-sealing butterfly valve and the displaced air is vented up through a pressure relief / vent valve to allow easier filling. The material cut - off valve is mounted above the inflatable-sealing butterfly valve to break the quantity cycle and protect the inflatable seal from directly coming in contact with the material and its temperature, in case of bottom / fly ash.

Once the pressure vessel is filled, as signaled by a level control or weighing device, the inflatable-sealing butterfly valve and pressure relief / vent valve opens prior opening of material cut - off valve and the compressed air is introduced into the pressure vessels to displace the conveyed materials.

All other compressed air used for conveying is added through the plug decelerator fittings spaced parallel along the conveying line.

When the pressure vessel is completely empty, as signaled by a low level control, the compressed air is turned off and material stops in the conveying line, prior to refilling of the pressure vessel the air pressure inside is vented through a special pressure relief / vent valve that remains open during the filling cycle. Because the conveying line does not purge itself clean, the high velocity normally seen with the other concepts during the purge cycle is totally eliminated thus making the Full Line Concept ideal for abrasive and / or fragile materials.

Also, since the line always remains full, there's no time lost in emptying and filling the conveying line. In addition, air consumption is drastically reduced making the Full Line Concept ideal for abrasive and/ or fragile materials. Full Line Concept is also ideal for long conveying distances and where a single material is being conveyed.

Characteristics of this system are very low airflows throughout the conveying cycle and high conveying line pressures.

Performance Features
  • Improved efficiency.
  • 100% sealing valve.
  • Economical use of conveying air.
  • Reduced conveying line pressure.
  • Plug decelerator arrangement for maintaining constant pressure.
  • Better control of conveying line velocity.
  • Less abrasion and wear & tear to pipe line and bend.
  • Extended life of conveying line.
  • Conveying over longer distances.
  • Minimum product de-gradation.
  • Allowing conveying of heavier materials.
  • Helps prevent plugged conveying lines