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H.V. Equipments Pvt. Ltd. H.V. Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

H. V. Equipments deals in Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems with specialization in Ash Handling Systems, Coal Mill Reject Handling Systems, Sugar Mill Application, Coke and Lime Dust Application, Pulp and Paper Application, & Sand and Glass Application.

What We Make

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System
Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System - Filling Cycle
HVE has provided efficient & effective solutions to our customer, completed suited to their needs, time and over.

In a Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System, dry bulk material is loaded into a vessel called the 'transporter'. The transporter is pressurized and the material is pushed out into conveying line in one continuous slug. Air Injectors are fitted along the line, which fluidize the material, or breaking it into easier-to-convey slug. This reduces the total system friction, and promotes flow at lower pressure.

The Dense Phase System moves the material at much lower velocity than a dilute-phase system, thus making it suitable for abrasive or degradable material also.

The material conveying at low velocity prevents material degradation & equipment wear. Dense Phase System also reduces segregation and promotes slow at lower air volume, making it more efficient per kg of material conveyed, compared to higher volume dilute phase conveying.

In addition, the system has the following features also:
Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System - Conveying Cycle
  • The material inlet valve provided with the system has a special inflatable rubber seal which is inflated with the help of air pressure on closure of the inlet valve, thus eliminating any chance of air leakage from the transporter top ensuring a 100% sealing at the vessel inlet.
  • In our standard equipments & design range bends provided are of converging - diverging type i.e. wherein bend area decreases (thus thickness increases) at the segment outlet, which keeps the material floating and unsettled, thus eliminating the chances of choking in the bend section Hardness of bend ranges from 350 to 400 BHN.
  • The transporter is fitted with fluidizing nozzles, which produce a swirling air phenomenon, thus helping in prevention of bridging problem from fine power & adhering problem by hydroscopic elements.
The major application areas of our systems are:
  • Ash Handling System
  • Coal Mill Reject Handling
  • Sugar Mill Application
  • Coke and Lime Dust Application
  • Pulp and Paper Application
  • Sand and Glass Application
And other material conveying applications.