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H.V. Equipments Pvt. Ltd. H.V. Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

H.V. Equipments Pvt. Ltd. maintains a high-profile quality management system, with an exceptional emphasis on “Continuous Improvement.”

Quality At Hve

Specialists in Convveying Dry Bulk Solids
Quality Standard
Over the past 25 years, HVE has earned the reputation of providing our customer with high - performing system. This has been earned through establishing, implementing and maintaining, a rigorous quality management system.

"Continuous Improvement" forms the principle upon which the entire QMS system of HVE revolves.

Quality Policy
We promise our esteemed customers, "the complete satisfaction", through quality and technology up gradation for equipment and plant; supplying and assuring them of continual improvements in our Quality Management System.

Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance lies on top of the priority list for HVE. The following guidelines from the backbone of C.G. for HVE:
  • Decision making is ethical & unbiased.
  • Protect the interest of stakeholders.
  • Maintain integrity in financial reporting.
  • Efficient risk management.
  • Encouraging enhanced performance.
  • Awarding fair & unbiased remuneration.
Occupational Health & Safety:
  • Occupational Health & Safely is a top priority for HVE. Due importance is given to OH & S awareness training & compliance.
  • Requisite training is given to employees to have an efficient and safe work environment.
  • The Inspection Schedule is designed to suit OH & S.
  • Efficient Maintenance and Safety measures have been devised
Environmental Policy:
  • The company works on guidelines of ISO 14000, operating on methods which affect the Environment the least, and helps in preserving the same.